JNIEasy 1.2.1 Solaris x86 and MacOSX Leopard support


News: JNIEasy 1.2.1 Solaris x86 and MacOSX Leopard support

  1. JNIEasy is a development Java library focused to replace JNI accessing C/C++ native methods exported on dynamic linked libraries with only Java code. JNIEasy goes beyond, using transparent Java-native synchronization, any Java POJO can represent a C++ object including instance methods and fields (a field modified in Java modifies the native field too and vice versa), and optionally Java methods can be called from native C/C++ code using pointer to functions with no JNI code. This new release adds Solaris x86 support and fixes Mac OS X problems, JNIEasy is reported to run on Leopard. Now JNIEasy runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris x86 platforms. Other improvements: * JNIEasy.setFeature("java.library.path","path-list") Defines on runtime the directory path list where to find native libraries loaded by JNIEasy. LD_LIBRARY_PATH or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH (Mac) are not longer necessary (unless the loaded native library has other dependencies). Alongside with "jnieasy.license.dir" now JNIEasy can be fully configured on runtime. * Added to manual a new chapter "7.5 MAPPING NATIVE LEGACY CLASSES" and a code example ManualExamples.Mapping_native_legacy_classes(), to show how to bind legacy C++ classes with no source code changes using false C++ methods. JNIEasy is commercial software, but is free for non profit uses using temporal licenses, temporal licenses can be renewed with no user data. Download (download here temporal licenses too) LAMEOnJ, an open source Java based wrapped of the LAME API using JNIEasy has been updated to JNIEasy 1.2.1 adding Solaris x86 support. What other native tools could be accessed from Java?
  2. Sorry "wrapped" must be "wrapper"