To the Reader: Hello, I have posted this announcement request few days ago. I may have missed something and the post was probably don't sent to you. Or maybe, you have considered this announce to be not appropriated for If so, please feel free to contact me at christophe dot marton at neotys dot com Thank you very much, Christophe Neotys, software editor of load testing tools for web applications, announces NeoLoad 2.4 with two new modules providing expanded support for Adobe Flex, Oracle Forms, AJAX and other rich internet applications (RIA)s. NeoLoad is a web stress testing software that runs high-load scenarios on web applications to measure performance and robustness prior to deployment. Unlike other web testing tools that require scripting, NeoLoad is easy-to-use due to its intuitive GUI interface, requires no scripting. NeoLoad supports all web technologies and application server technologies including J2EE, .NET, PHP, AJAX, SOAP, FLASH…. Adobe Flex Module NeoLoad is one of the first web application testing tools to support Adobe Flex 3 and the AMF (Action Messaging Format) protocol that is used to exchange data between Adobe Flash components and web applications. Using this technology, organizations can create applications that manage large volumes of data exchanges while integrating sound, video and other formats. With NeoLoad's Flex module, web developers can create test scenarios, load test Flex web applications, validate their performances and detect any weak points. NeoLoad fully supports the AMF0 and AMF3 protocol:
  • sending externalizable objects can be done in NeoLoad by adding the Java classes describing the objects;
  • the Flex Messaging Service, which uses polling or streaming requests (with no regular polling) to push data, is supported;
  • Flash Remoting objects contained in the Flex messages appear in XML format in NeoLoad. This means that all the usual functions can be used: recording, editing, using variables, validating responses and injecting.
  • AMFX, an XML serialized format of the AMF protocol, is supported;
Oracle Forms Module NeoLoad now supports Oracle Forms from version 6i and up. Oracle Forms is Oracle’s rapid application development solution that creates and deploys cross-platform applications that run in their own applet. Using NeoLoad, objects contained in Flex and Oracle Forms messages appear in XML format. This allows developers to use of all native functions such as recording, editing, using variables, validating responses and injecting. Support for AJAX and other RIAs In addition to Adobe Flex, NeoLoad 2.4 supports other RIA applications that exchange data in text or XML formats over HTTP, such as the case in AJAX applications. A free trial version of NeoLoad can be downloaded from Neotys' web site: