Search results - wouldn't titles be better than URLs?


TSS feedback: Search results - wouldn't titles be better than URLs?

  1. The search results which are being returned are increasing everyday (which is of course good!). However, the list returned has a barebone URL & most of the times the brief snippet of description is not enough to make a decision on whether or not it is a useful link.

    I feel that it would be even better for a user to see a list of titles (along with the brief description of course)instead of the barebone URL. Especially since all discussion pages have a title/subject on it. So, instead of some URL to point to this page, the searcher would see a title of "Search results - wouldn't ...."

    What do you think?

  2. Das,

      Of course I think you are perfectly right. Uhfortunately, due to limitations in our search program we can't provide the functionality you request.

      We will definitly add this to our plate for a future upgrade of our system.