I am new to Axis2 and Axis in general. I need to create REST services using Axis2/Java. I already know that Axis2 is supposed to support GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods and also the possibility to write own extensions to it. What I want to do is create specific url to operation mapping and object serialization and deserialization. I figure that to get the behaviour I need, I can derive my classes from Axis2 classes (dispatcher, URL mapper) (please tell me if I'm wrong). I encountered problems while trying to apply my dispatcher class that extends AbstractDispatcher. Both the javadoc and Google provide very limited information in the area. What do I have to do to make Axis use my dispatcher? Do I need to create an Axis module (what steps are there to create one?), or is it possible to point Axis to a class placed in a specific classpath? Is there a place in Axis configuration that specifies classpath(s)? From my research so far I know that axis2.xml contains information about dispatcher chain where Axis is pointed to concrete classes, but mere placing my class in ithe lib directory and referencing it in axis2.xml doesn't work, so I assume that either I did something wrong or something else must be done. I will be very grateful for any information or material that could help.