Hi - I would covet the input from any JSF experts vis-a-vis a problem that I have production application. We've built a JSF application (JSF 1.1, Sun RI) using STATE_SAVING_METHOD=server, and with com.sun.faces.numberOfLogicalViews=1. The size of the view state in the session for a relatively simple result set page is 500KB. The HTML being returned is 90KB. The actual data in the result set is 50KB. It is reasonable to expect the view state being stored on the server to be an order of magnitude greater than the data it encapsulates? If not, are there common mistakes in JSF application code that could cause the view state size to swell? Finally - does anyone have an algorithm or heuristic that you could use to best-guess what the view state size would be in terms of the # of JSF components or some other easily measured value? Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Best Regards, Gary J. Braswell