Folks, in case you're wondering, the news submission process on TSS is slightly broken. The summary field isn't getting populated, and the resulting error isn't being handled properly (because the system is supposed to be consistent in not allowing the summary field to propagate while null.) We're working on it - and here's what to do in the meantime. Keep submitting news online, if you like - or send it to me directly, at jottinger at techtarget dot com, in the same "title/summary/newspost" format. When you submit it online, it still gets posted (I have about 20 news posts, making maybe five separate posts, in the queue.) I just have to rebuild your summary for you. I can do that; it's my job. In the meantime, we are working on the bug; I don't know where it is, as TSS' codebase isn't my responsibility, but the bug has been reported and is being looked into. My deepest apologies, folks. (And in case you're wondering, I have to post this to the internal queue, add a summary to it, then post it online - just like I'd do for yours.)