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    Hello, i am sorry if i have posted this question in wrong section. But i found this category more appropriate with compare to other. I m having basic knowledge of programming, c,c++, j2se, Php but i want to learn ruby now. can anyone post good tutorial for the same. help will be appreciated. thanks
  2. Why's Poignant Guide[ Go to top ]

    It's a bit unorthodox in its presentation, but it's also a bit of a cult phenomenon in learning Ruby: http://poignantguide.net/ruby/chapter-1.html
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    Why the Lucky Stiff's guide is a classic and must read (gotta love the Chunky Bacon!). Here are some other recommendations: Note: These guides are for Ruby on Rails (rather than just plain Ruby), the most popular way to use Ruby for web developoment. http://www.rubyonrails.org/docs -- from Rails' creator(s) http://peepcode.com/ -- from Geoffrey Grosenbach (give TopFunky a shout-out for me). I have personally used all of the resources available on these sites and I think they are a great starting point.