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    Hello Sisters and Brothers, We are now trying to use LDAP in our project. I am new to LDAP and I downloaded the OpneLDAP 2.3.9 stable release and all the prerequisite software like Cyrus sasl, kerberos etc. But what that problem I am facing is when I issue the ./configure command in the console from where I extracted the LDAP directory O/S is saying it is not a recognizable command. I don't know how to proceed further from this step onwards. Does any configuration settings has to be made before start up. I also downloaded the sun one directory server which is a zip file and there also I am struck up like this or am I proceeding in a wrong direction. Please, help me in resolving the issue. Any kind of help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Yours, little brother
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    use the windows flavour openldap and then try.