Please help me to decide the best deign for my web app


General J2EE: Please help me to decide the best deign for my web app

  1. I'm quite new to j2EE developement. Currently im working on a web based user management application ( a small scale one ). For that im hoping to use JSP s for presentaion tier and EJBs for business logic. This business logic seems to be having more on database accessing. Im not using Entity Beans for data access , but hope to use Session Beans. Is it ok if i develop according to this model , or is it better to use Entity Beans for data acccess ? Is it a bad design to use Session Beans for data accessing ? Or else , what if i avoid EJB s completely and database access is done via JSP itself ? Or i have another option , that is , using JSP for the presentation layer and Servlets for database accessing. what is the preferred way ? How i can decide a better way ? I very much appreciate your kind support on this. Thanks and Regards Saj
  2. if you are learning j2ee I would suggest to use some frameworks for j2ee. Like struts 1.2 or struts 2 OR spring framework-These require huge learning. If you have no time and this is your first project in j2ee-use simple JSP+servlet technologies+JDBC,this will quick for building the system,but not a recommended for enterprise application-this will help u to learn JSP+JSLT+servlet+JDBC technologies. I would recommend to be way from EJB for these low scale projects.