determyne Inc. has announced the technology preview of an open source transaction-level performance monitoring solution for J2EE applications. insideApps is an end-to-end transaction tracing and reporting system that enables you to centrally and automatically monitor the performance of your J2EE applications. In contrast to the traditional approach of collecting and displaying aggregated metrics for different system components, insideApps focuses on monitoring applications from a transactions perspective. With zero configuration and very low overhead, insideApps goes "under the hood" to look at resource consumption and time taken by each and every transaction flowing through the HTTP server, J2EE container, and database layers of infrastructure. insideApps then flags anomalies with pointers to problematic areas for easy diagnosis. insideApps Open Source edition is completely free and available under the industry standard LGPL open source license. Try out and let us know your feedback. Links Sourceforge project page : To view online demo: To download the white papers : To download the datasheet: To post feedback: For more information, visit