There's still time to reserve your spot for TSSJS-Europe, but hurry, you don't want to miss these sessions. Google Web Toolkit 1.5 supports full Java 1.5 capability, allowing you to quickly write Swing-style applications in your IDE and compile the code into JavaScript. Plus, GWT has the full backing of Google and one of the most active developer lists out there. Read more about creating 'Real GWT Applications' with Jeff Dwyer, Author, Pro Web 2.0 Development with GWT. The Spring Framework is the most popular platform for developing Java apps; now learn how to make the most of it! Using a concrete project as an example, this talk shows how to use Spring to solve common problems in the development of enterprise apps, including batch processing, Web services and enterprise application integration. Read more about this case study, 'Better Enterprise Software with the Spring Portfolio!' with Eberhard Wolff, Co-author, Server Component Patterns. Performance is critical for user experience. See how the largest Web shop in The Netherlands uses open source Java tools to performance tune their applications. Learn how to use Apache JMeter to continuously performance test, how to monitor in production with JAMon, and how to report with JARep to discover your top ten time consumers and trends. Read more about 'Performance Tuning a Web Shop with Open Source Tools' with Jeroen Borgers, Instructor, Java performance tuning. How can JavaServer Faces be used effectively in large-scale projects? This talk covers a lot of ground. Martin Marinshek, a JSF Expert Group Member, will discuss how session-handling should be optimized to ensure that the lowest possible amount of memory is used, how global exception handling can be implemented in JSF, how effective modules (in contrast to components) can be built with JSF, and how to integrate JSF apps in portal environments. Read more about 'JSF in Large-Scale Projects' with Martin Marinschek, JSF Expert Group Member. We could go on and on about the quality of our sessions. Read all of the session abstracts for yourself and view our handy at-a-glance schedule. Time is running out to register for TSSJS-Europe! Reserve your spot now and get ready for three days of quality networking and intensive enterprise Java education.