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    An interface having some of the method definitions like send, receive, publish, read etc for various types of messaging topic, publish etc. A concrete class will implement this interface and implement all these methods and should encapsulate all the JMS related JNDI lookup or could be using Service Locator for access message factory and message consumer etc. This concrete class can encapsulate all the JMS specific exception handing and throw an application specific exception to client code. This is quite similar to DAO, but I would call it as MAO Please suggest any improvement on this. Thanks Guddu at

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    As this pattern is more of JMS message send and receive, I would call this as "Message Object Send Receive". I would like to delete/remove this Post/thread altogether? How do I do this? Requesting theserverside, to remove this Post. Thanks, Guddu
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    We have created Message Object pattern which is on the lines of Value Object and Business Object. Typical Messaging System may not have any specific Business logics embedded inside a business object. For view perpose also the data retrieved from database can be shared directly on the client site. In such systems we need not have both Value Objects and business Objects. Using both object and conversions during transaction processing will bring down the performance. To avoid this we created Message Objects which are serializable.