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    Hi, I have few address fields in my JSP like street name, city, state, country etc etc. I do not want to put all these fields on the JSP page but one field called "Address". So if I enter street name, i should see all the cities related to that street and once i select city, i should see all the states related to that and so on. Is there any way of doing it? Is it possible in JSP or I need to look for someother technology? I am trying to find otu any solution but no luck yet....
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    Yes, its possible but you need to write some code and put some logic into your JSP. A few ideas may help you. A) You can create a database table which has names of states, cites etc etc.You may have to create multiple tables and have Primary-foreign key relations. Then have a JDBC from your jsp to the database. Now when you have one field in the JSP called address, you get the value entered and do a database search and iterate the resultset on the JSP. b) A more fancy idea. Use Ajax technologies and do the same, but in this case, there will be no page refresh. When the JSP is rendered for the first time, the ajax engine is created on the client browser, and the when it send the response back to the server, the request can be intercepted by another jsp/servlet, which does the business logic lookup and sends back the response, and the results are displayed. There are multiple ways to do this, just use your imagination!