Open Source Ajax Gaining Enterprise Momentum


News: Open Source Ajax Gaining Enterprise Momentum

  1. Nexaweb has contributed new software to the Dojo Foundation that will further advance the use of open source Ajax. The software, dubbed ‘dojo.E,’ will allow users to more easily create enterprise web applications based on the Dojo Toolkit, one of the industry’s most advanced sets of open source Ajax tools. Ajax, while powerful, has not been as quickly adopted among the enterprise development community largely due to its unstructured nature. dojo.E addresses this need with a structured, declarative XML way to add Ajax into web applications without having to rewrite HTML code. Nexaweb is contributing dojo.E to the Dojo Foundation to support the foundation’s mission of providing an infrastructure for open source Ajax development. The combination of the Dojo Toolkit and dojo.E will significantly reduce the development time and costs of building enterprise web applications without requiring developers master JavaScript or Ajax or rebuild applications from scratch. dojo.E tools include dojo.E Markup and dojo.E Runtime. dojo.E Markup brings extensible markup language (XML) into Dojo components so that developers have a clear understanding of how information will be interpreted and displayed on the page. dojo.E Runtime provides a programmatic and declarative means for executing the Document Object Model (DOM), an application programming interface that defines the logical structure and display of documents. Using dojo.E Runtime, developers have a more definitive way for executing the DOM page modifications as the user interacts with the elements being displayed on the screen.
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    I think the author forgot to post the link. Especially Accordion looks awesome.