New Wiki Promises to Ease the Software Troubleshooting


News: New Wiki Promises to Ease the Software Troubleshooting

  1. is a new website designed to provide users with comprehensive, free guides on software troubleshooting. This site intends to help users eliminate the potential problems that might arise while working with various applications. It is often difficult finding a resource that is focused on providing quality, relevant, and free information on software troubleshooting at one central location. Launched initially with over 20 tutorials covering different Content Management Systems and other software, is expected to grow into an exhaustive troubleshooting resource where users are able to add their own tips and tricks. is part of an ongoing initiative at Packt to develop unique methods of contributing to the Open Source community. Notable other initiatives include the Wiki on Web Themes and Templates, and the annual Open Source CMS Award that has a total prize package of $20,000, divided amongst winning projects. Packt also operates a unique Open Source Project Royalty Scheme, which sees them donate a percentage of their Open Source book sales directly to the projects they were written on. To date, they have donated over $100,000 to Open Source projects. has been developed using the open source MediaWiki software package and has initially been populated with information selected from some of Packt books. is free to use and open for everyone to contribute to. It is expected to grow and expand over the coming months with more tutorials added by users. For more information, please visit
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    Just make sure that categories of software are well defined and mmaintained. Most of the wiki sites suffer from a big problem of information overload and there is no way to find things quickly. I love the idea especially given the fact that we are dealing with millions of open source libraries with trillions of version conflicts/dependencies. Just make sure the site is clean and easy to find things...
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    Make templates for the pages and use them. My own wiki for racing cars ( suffered/suffers from this over the last 3 years. You really need a template for the pages as otherwise the pages become disorganized and it's hard to add stuff in easily.
  4. The best software troubleshooting web site is Google...