On the first day of TSS Europe, talks were held on a variety of subjects, including: Rich Internet applications, Monitoring, Management and Troubleshooting in the Java SE 6 Platform, the Grails framework, as well as, a comparison between dependency injection frameworks. Read TSS first day blog post : http://www.bloggingaboutjava.org/2008/06/theserverside-europe-first-day/ The second day of TSS Europe, included subjects like Domain Specific Languages, using Groovy in the enterprise, future roadmaps for Java frameworks like Spring and concurrency with high performance. Read TSS second day blog post : http://www.bloggingaboutjava.org/2008/06/theserverside-europe-second-day/ On the final day of TSS Europe, topics like Scala, MapReduce , Google's Web toolkit and how to effectively choose a Java framework were covered. Read TSS third day blog post : http://www.bloggingaboutjava.org/2008/06/theserverside-europe-third-day/