WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Performance Testing - Round 3


News: WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Performance Testing - Round 3

  1. In this third round of testing, we have compared the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) v1.7 against the leading proprietary ESB, the proprietary version of an Open Source ESB, the open source alternatives - Apache Service Mix 3.2.1 and Mule Community Edition 2.0.1. The WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is an open source project (under the Apache License v2.0) developed by WSO2 based on the popular Apache Synapse Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Since the WSO2 ESB v1.7 embeds the Apache Synapse ESB v1.2 release, the performance figures between these will be identical. However, the WSO2 ESB ships with better management and development support with a graphical Web interface, enhanced JMX support and a built-in WSO2 Registry instance. Although, initially we planned to include the OpenESB and the JBoss ESB in the testing rounds, due to the complexity involved in understanding these products to build the simple scenarios we needed, we decided to go without them and to include a follow up article instead. Some of the highlights from the observations and conclusions are as follows: - Mule CE 2.0.1 couldn't handle the cases where we used a concurrency level of 80; while other ESB's scaled to support to over 2500 concurrent connections. This was after tuning the maximum active thread count to 100 from its default value, which limited Mule to a very few concurrent connections. - A proprietary version of an open source ESB had the same problem described above. - Mule CE 2.0.1 also dropped 1% of ALL requests it received - Apache ServiceMix 3.2.1 failed to forward the incoming SOAPAction for proxy services, and this was now a known issue (I would consider this a blocker, and would suggest that ServiceMix folks follow up a 3.2.2 release just to fix this critical issue) - A proprietary ESB we benchmarked and beat last year, did some major improvements to their performance, and did 1.6~1.9 times better than us for some of the scenarios - The WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) / Apache Synapse Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) shows a clear lead and dominates the open source ESB space Read about it all here: and run the benchmarks yourself!
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    Can we embed ws02 esb within webapp or deploy it as a RAR?
  3. WSO2 ESB[ Go to top ]

    Yes the WSO2 ESB is available as a WAR file and you can deploy it in any AppServer. Paul
  4. What on earth is the proprietary version of an open source ESB? And, if I were to make a guess, would that impressive 'proprietary ESB' be AquaLogic Service Bus ;-) ? Based on what I've seen of ALSB I won't be surprised.
  5. Just to be clear, in my post, the impressive 'proprietary ESB' refers to the one that outperformed all the others, not the proprietary version of the open source ESB, which I'm still struggling to identify :-)
  6. after reading the article and its comments... i think this "proprietary version of the open source ESB" might be something like Mule Enterprise Edition. Benchmark results compared to Mule CE look quite close....
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