Apache CXF problem while creating WSDL2Java webservice


XML & Web services: Apache CXF problem while creating WSDL2Java webservice

  1. I tried to configure eclipse3.2.3 with cxf but when I try SOA tool option to create JAX-Ws WSDL First by providing a wsdl to create a web service it gives me Java virtual machine Launcher "could not find the main class.Program will exit" dialog box at the time of generationg java code. Can any body help me ?
  2. Hi there ! I got the same problem : you have to add CXF libraries before generate code. - create a JAX-WS Java First Project - download your WSDL file and put it on wsdl directory - add CXF libraries in the build path - right clic on your wsdl file and generate code GL! Epithor.
  3. I got the same problem[ Go to top ]

    I have a web project in eclipse europa Version: 3.3.2 Build id: M20080221-1800. I have Apeche CXF 2.0. when i try to generate wsdl from java class i get "Java virtual machine launcher, could not find the main class. Program exit.". I add CXF libraries but not work ... Any ideas? Tks.
  4. Jimmy, I try with a Dynamic Web Project and I have no problem. Try this : - create a Dynamic Web Project - configure Project Facets : add SOA Tools / JAX-WS Component. You could also configure Runtime here but it doesn't work on my Eclipse - configure Java Build Path : I have to change JRE System Library and choose it myself (you maybe don't have to do that). Then, add CXF lib : "add Library", "user library", clic "User Libraries", "new", type "CXF Lib" for example, "add JARs", select all your CXF lib (i have around 60 jars, maybe lots are not usefull), then clic "ok", "finish". - generate client code from wsdl file (right clic, generate...) I works fine :)