If you didn't go to this years Server-Side event in Europe, Nati Shalom provides you with a few takeaway points to the three day event, which include: JVM/CLR makes it easy to introduce new languages, as well as, you shouldn't try to force one language to do everything and expect it to be good at it all, among other central themes discussed at TSS Europe. Ole Bini on the other hand, provides another post in which he discusses a few of the event's talks and the overall experience of attending the conference. Read Nati Shalom's complete post : http://natishalom.typepad.com/nati_shaloms_blog/2008/06/tssjs-prauge-my.html Read Ola Bini's complete post: http://ola-bini.blogspot.com/2008/06/theserverside-java-symposium-europe-is.html