If you want to explore this year's Jazzon event, you can start at the conference page itself which contains numerous resources, like photos and videos of the talks: http://jazoon.com/ From around the blogsphere, you can find discussions on Martin Odersky's Scala talk: http://codingclues.eu/2008/impressions-from-the-jazoon-08-java-conference-in-zurich-scala/ More summaries of the event, including Ted Neward's presentation on Rethiking Enterprise, Spring 2.5 and Sling: http://arhipov.blogspot.com/2008/06/jazoon-2008-day-2.html And presentation slides from Andrew Snap's talk on distributed client/server persistence: http://www.codespot.net/blog/2008/06/26/jazoon-presentation-on-distributed-clientserver-persistence/