Hi , i' ve got problem and i don't have any idea how to resolve it. I tried a lot of trick but nothing works .I would be grateful if someone help me. I use sun JSF implementation. I woudl like to preapre from Java code Table. My class looks following class public test { private String name = null; private String [] role= new String {"test1", "test2", "test3"}; ... // gets and sets for the atributes here // } My function prepared table like that. When i binding propertie name everything is ok and i see this value on the page . But problem appear when i want to access to array Role from bean test. Faces Config contains every mapping. public void preparetable() { Table table = new Table(); orderTableRowGroup = new TableOrderRowGroup(); orderTableRowGroup .setSoruceVar("currentRow"); orderTableRowGroup .setValueBinding("sourceData",getApplication().createValueBinding("#{test.myDataSource }"); TableColumn loginColumn = new TableColumn(); StaticText labelLogin = new StaticText(); labelLogin.setValueBinding("text", getApplication().createValueBinding( "#{currentRow.value['name']}")); loginColumn.setHeaderText("Name"); loginColumn.getChildren().add(labelLogin); orderTableRowGroup.getChildren().add(loginColumn); To this point everyhing works fine. The problem appear in code below. I don't know how to access to array Role. Solution presenting below doesn't work. //kolumna rola TableColumn rolaColumn = new TableColumn(); StaticText labelRola = new StaticText(); labelRola.setValueBinding( "text", getApplication().createValueBinding( "#{currentRow.value['role[1]']}")); rolaColumn.setHeaderText("Rola"); rolaColumn.getChildren().add(labelRola); orderTableRowGroup.getChildren().add(rolaColumn); Thx for any advise