New Canoo UltraLightClient for Faster Web Application Developmen


News: New Canoo UltraLightClient for Faster Web Application Developmen

  1. Canoo is proud to announce a new release of UltraLightClient (ULC), a library to build rich web interfaces for business applications. Canoo has recorded a screencast showing how to develop a sample web application using this new release: New features in ULC '08: * easy project setup using a wizard for Eclipse * generates an end-to-end application skeleton from a predefined data structure * high-level component to simplify the development of forms * improved data types * sortable ULC tables by default * data binding * easy and central configuration of application parameters and options such as look and feel and deployment * easy deployment A new developer guide describes how to be productive from day one. The release notes list the changes added to the current product version. Canoo is a solution provider for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) based in Basel, Switzerland. It offers consulting services and end-to-end development of Enterprise Web applications. Canoo develops and maintains UltraLightClient, a library to create enterprise-class Rich Internet Applications. UltraLightClient bridges the gap between Java Swing user interface components and a Web architecture, providing a cost-efficient, single technology and mature approach to AJAX. See also:
  2. To be inclusive, this should be 'developpersons', should it not?