Trackplus Releases Track+ 3.5.0 Issue Tracker


News: Trackplus Releases Track+ 3.5.0 Issue Tracker

  1. Track+ 3.5.0 web based issue tracking software adds some highly anticipated functionality, such as a WYSIWYG editor for descriptions and comments, mass operations, multi-level grouping, context sensitive actions for quick changes, full CVS and Subversion integration, AJAX based interactive forms configuration, custom fields, and an interactively configurable dashboard. Track+ comes with a number of pretty predefined reports based on the JasperReports reporting engine. It features diagrams and Gantt charts. Due to its user friendly interface it is perfect for technical and non-technical people. Track+ is free for up to 5 users. With the Track+ Windows Installer the software is up and running in five minutes. Track+ is used by project managers, developers, integrators, testers, and other staff across a wide variety of organizations in more than 50 countries. The previous release of Track+ had been downloaded more than 14000 times in just a few months.

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    ... Bugzilla is free for an unlimited number of users plus it has a working Mylyn-adapter.