Master Apache JMeter and learn all its features with new book


News: Master Apache JMeter and learn all its features with new book

  1. A bad response time on a website can drive away visitors and prospective customers. To measure what a website can handle, there should be a way to simulate and analyze different load scenarios; this is where a load-testing tool like JMeter comes in. JMeter is a powerful desktop performance tool from the Apache Jakarta project, written in Java, for load-testing web pages, web applications, and other static and dynamic resources including databases, files, Servlets, Perl scripts, Java Objects, FTP Servers, and more. This book introduces JMeter (version 2.3) and test automation, providing a step-by-step guide to testing with JMeter. Users will learn how to measure the performance of a website using JMeter. It will give specific, vivid, and easy-to-understand walkthroughs of JMeter's testing tools showing what they can do, and when and how to use them. Published in June, 2008, Apache JMeter will be suitable for experienced or novice testers who have been testing manually and now would like to automate their tests. Those testers who are already automating their testing using other tools or testing software may also want to use this book as they look for alternatives. This book would also be a good point for test Managers/Leaders to start doing research on the test automation tool that may best suit their testing needs and of course, their budget. For more information, please visit Packt’s website:
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    It's nice to see a book on JMeter finally. Although I'm not active these days in jmeter dev, a book has been sore needed for a long time. I would be happy to review the book, if the publisher is looking for reviews :) peter