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XML & Web services: AnyType in WSDL generated with EJB3 based services

  1. Folks, I am trying to created a ESB with Routing Service. I have one Order object which has list of orderLineItems. When i create EJB3 based webservices, the WSDL generated has both the complex types defined properly, The complex type for Order and OrderLineItems are properly defined but OrderLineItems is not used. instead the element in the Order type is defined as : and list element is defined(in WSDL) as Now, when i want to transform this for the ESB routing i can't do it as it is of type anyType I am transforming the whole order object and putting it in another smaller order object which again has a list of orderlineItems. Also, I am trying to do this transformation in jdeveloper. Any clues or pointers of how to resolve this is highly appreciated. Thanks, Rahul
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    If you want to have alook at the WSDL you can find the same at the following location. Also Class Code is as follows. Order Class : public class Order implements Serializable { private Long id; private String orderNumber; private String orderDetail; private List orderLineItems; } OrderLineItems Class: private Long id; private String orderLineNumber; private String lineDetail; } They have getter and setter for the same. Thanks, Rahul