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  1. First, here is a Borland article on setting up JBuilder 3.5 to use Tomcat 3.1 for Servlet/JSP debugging. I just managed to try it and it works great. The advantage of this over "standard" JBuilder is that JBuilder as-is supports only Servlets 2.1/JSP 1.0 (AFAIR) while Tomcat 3.1 supports Servlets 2.2/JSP 1.1:,1410,22057,00.html

    Also once you follow this article you might want to learn how to configure web applications in Tomcat, the short answer is to add a <Context> tag in the server.xml file, the long answer can be found in the Tomcat FAQ:

    ("Q: What is a web-application? How can I install a new web-application?")

    Hope this saves others the digging I had to do.


    --Amos Shapira
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    Thanks for the research and information.
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  3. You guys might want to see the (original) article (mine) that I have reason to believe this one was strongly "based" on. In fact by some strange "coincidence" the the titles are even virtually identical as well as the list of benefits of using Tomcat as a development and debug environment.

    You may not necessarily be interested in VisualAge for Java, but in case you are, or you'd like to see an alternative approach, please see the "original" Tomcat article, "Apache Tomcat 3.1 Final Release Servlet and JSP Development with VisualAge for Java"

    can be viewed at:

    which was based on my Tomcat 3.0 paper,
    "Apache Tomcat Servlet and JSP Development with VisualAge for Java" viewable at:

    and published there in January 2000.

    - Sheldon Bradley Wosnick
  4. The only info that is missing now is how to use Visual Cafe EE 3.1 to remotely debug JSP's using Tomcat 3.1. The WebGain site has an article on using WebLogic as the servlet container for this purpose. Take a look at:

    I have not been able to get it to work because for some reason the IDE cannot attached to the debug VM that is running.

    Eric Ma
  5. I follow the instruction for setting up JBuilder with Apache but when I try to run it, I got a message saying that it was unable to run because missing information in cofiguration. the computer opened automatically the property run tab, any ideas?

    thank you,
  6. Hi, I'm using Borland JBuilderX, when I make any changes to the server.xml (i.e. creating a new context) and restart the server, my code has been deleted and reverts to the original. Can anyone help at all? Thanks,
  7. Hi, you will actually find the answer in Borland's docs at in section "Creating a custom server.xml file with Tomcat".

  8. Hi,

    I have developed an application Using Java Servlets.

    Now the problem with this one is when I run the application normally (Using Tomcat) everything works fine, but when I try to run this configuring the same in Jbuilder for Debug mode it fails to load the resources from my web application.

    Say the hierarchy is as below:


    When I run the application MyWebApp using the tomcat alone every thing is fine.
    But if I try to debug the same MyWebApp fails to load the resources form the relative path "/resources/look.gif".

    Can anyone let me know where am I wrong or can anyone provide me a complete guidance as to how to set the Jbuilder for Debugging.

    If I am not clear do let me know so that i can elaborate.

    Also, I have just joined the forum.
    Is there any chance for having a Online Chat regarding the same???