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    The Apache ODE community is proud to announce its latest 1.2 release that includes many new features, improvements and bug fixes. Apache ODE is a WS-BPEL compliant web services orchestration engine. It organizes web services calls following a process description written in the BPEL XML grammar. Another way to describe it would be a web-service capable workflow engine. Highlights of this release: * External variables: variables used in a process are not opaque to the outside world anymore. You can map them to a simple database table and manipulate them directly. * Support for the WSDL HTTP binding. We've also added a few extensions, allowing the invocation of REST-style web services. * Advanced endpoint configuration which, thanks to the integration with Apache Axis2, enables WS-Security and WS-RM support. * A long list of small fixes and improvements for best-of-breed stability, performance and usability. In addition to these new features, Apache ODE provides the following functionalities: * Side-by-side support for both the WS-BPEL 2.0 OASIS standard and the legacy BPEL4WS 1.1 vendor specification. * Supports 2 communication layers: one based on Axis2 (Web Services http transport) and another one based on the JBI standard (using ServiceMix). * High level API to the engine that allows you to integrate the core with virtually any communication layer. * Hot-deployment of your processes. * Compiled approach to BPEL that provides detailed analysis and validation at the command line or at deployment. * Management interface for processes, instances and messages. For more information, check the Apache ODE website: http://ode.apache.org/. Apache ODE is an open source project released under a business-friendly license (Apache License v2.0), as such we welcome all your help and contributions. To participate and get involved, our mailing lists are the best resources to start from: http://ode.apache.org/mailing-lists.html
  2. Congratulation for the release!!!. Actually this is something I really waiting for. With Apache ODE , it allows you to deploy and access BPEL service. Expanding that I am working on (I have almost done that) Axis2 extension which enable you to deploy both BPEL services as well as other web services. http://blogs.deepal.org/2008/06/bepl-support-in-axis2-and-wso2-wsas.html