Hi, I am practising servlets in weblogic 7.0. I has developed one HelloWorld Servlet and deployed this servlet to the weblogic server in exploded directory format using weblogic builder. It has written the web.xml and weblogic.xml in the corresponding folder. When I observed console it gave some exception mentioning that staging can't be changed. when I accessed the servlet folder from the web browser it is displaying html normally. In html servlet hyperlink is there. when I click that link it is giving some internal error. when I observed the weblogic server console it is showing ClassNotFoundException mentioning "MyServlet" class not found under web-inf folder. when I checked manually that class is residing in web-inf folder. all the package entries in web.xml and the class residing in the folder are correct. I am not able to understand why it is giving like this. Please, help me. I also has some doubt regarding the j2ee libraries. Generally, we will found servlet-api.jar file in the commons /lib folder of tomcat installation. In weblogic where exactly these files will be available and which jar files has to be included in our classpath when we are exclusively working with only weblogic server. Very Thanks in advance. regards, sathish.g