Borland Software Corporation today introduced Borland® Management Solutions (BMS), a software delivery management platform that will enable customers to better track, measure, predict and improve the performance of their software delivery organizations. Leveraging the Borland Open ALM Framework, BMS plugs into a customer’s existing ALM tooling infrastructure, providing an ALM management “cockpit” that gives unprecedented visibility and control over the entire application lifecycle. Borland Management Solutions include three products and a set of service packages that help software delivery organizations align their efforts with business priorities, improve their overall organizational performance, and gain confidence in their ability to consistently deliver quality results. Built on Borland’s Open ALM Framework, these products work with a range of ALM tools and processes to offer complete visibility, process support and interactive dashboards that use historic and real-time ALM data to track and measure software delivery performance: TeamDemand: Align software delivery efforts with business priorities. TeamDemand is an environment that facilitates collaboration between business stakeholders and software delivery teams to support informed decisions around IT demand. TeamDemand provides business stakeholder a “window” into the software delivery organization. Through the Open ALM Framework, TeamDemand links directly with ALM artifacts such as requirements, user stories and tasks – housed in various existing tool repositories. TeamFocus: Manage execution and monitor the performance of the delivery organization. TeamFocus is the only enterprise project management and execution environment that supports multiple delivery methods – Agile, waterfall, iterative – and rolls up monitored project progress information across the portfolio of projects. Because TeamFocus links directly to the existing ALM environment to monitor actual day-to-day progress in real time, its dashboards include in-flight metrics that keep teams and management on the same page, without sacrificing production work for reporting overhead. TeamAnalytics: Gain confidence in the ability to consistently deliver results. TeamAnalytics is the product that brings all of the information together, automatically collecting and analyzing current and historic data from a broad set of ALM tools. You can find more information on Borland Management Solutions at