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    While profiling a CXF based web service implementation I noticed that a large percentage of CPU time is used by CXF and not by the business logic (more details here: This raises an interesting question, what percentage of CPU time is it legitimate for a framework to take? Ideally it would leave as much as possible to be used by the business logic while doing the things it needs to do. As there is no such thing as free lunch, the more services it provides the more resources it will use. To make my question slightly less vague, let’s assume some sort of minimal functionality, in WS case, SOAP messages delivered to/from a service, no authentication, encryption etc... What sort of split of CPU time is it reasonable to expect 90:10? 50:50? 10:90? Thanks David Soroko
  2. a ws api needs cpu time like security and mainly the serialisation stuff (xml read/write), but it should not raise a server's load ;) our tomcat with a ws running and about one request per second has a cpu of 0.5%, on a 1.2GHZ machine. (running on tomcat with axis1.4, java 1.4.2) slowfly
  3. The question is: of this 0.5%, what part is the actual business logic and what part the framework (axis in this case)? You may not care much while the CPU is at 0.5% but you will care a lot when it’s at 100%