We have an application that is setup to use a multi-pool into to 2 large scale database systems. It's a service that manages the communications from other applications which is clustered residing in an weblogic 9.2 container/clusters managed servers. The service communications to database base system A, and database system B. (primary/ secondary) We do not load balance. The secondary system is only for HA/ DR/ failover. The weblogic multi-pool out of the box handles the event of migrating pools to the system B in the event system is unavailable. This part works well. In our enviroment, we are trying to understand how to control this event without manual weblogic adminstration/ changes on the fly. There are cases where database A might be required to stop processes which update the tables. In this case system A is still up, but we desire a way to control the migration to database B without direction action against database A. The goal is an automated process which can change the connection to system B based on some type of easy controlled mechanism from an adminstration/ support standpoint. The best case scenario would be some type of script(maybe WLST?) or control which would allow a property file, or something similar to control a schedule to force the multi-pool to database B for based on time. Example: We want our configuration to force the migration to database B from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM everyday (even though database A is up) Has anyone ever accomplished this? Any ideas our there which could be shared? Thank you in advance, Brandon