Mule module "Smooks for Mule" 1.0 Beta Released


News: Mule module "Smooks for Mule" 1.0 Beta Released

  1. Smooks is a Java framework for processing XML and non-XML data (CSV, EDI, Java, other). The Smooks for Mule 1.0 Beta is now available. Smooks for Mule enables complex Message Transformation and Routing compatible with Mule versions 1.x and 2.x. The features for both versions are almost the same. Several examples are provided to demonstrate the module. You may download Smooks for Mule from MuleForge. Smooks can be used to: * Perform a wide range of Data Transforms - XML to XML , CSV to XML , EDI to XML , XML to EDI , XML to CSV , Java to XML , Java to EDI , Java to CSV , Java to Java, XML to Java, EDI to Java etc. * Populate a Java Object Model from a data source (CSV, EDI , XML, Java etc). Populated object models can be used as a transformation result itself, or can be used by templating resources for generating XML or other character-based results. * Support of Virtual Object Models (Maps and Lists of typed data), which can be used by EL and Templating functionality. * Process huge messages (GBs) - split, transform and route message fragments to JMS , file, or database endpoints. * Enrich a message with data from a database, or other data sources. * Perform Extract Transform Load (ETL) operations Smooks supports both DOM and SAX processing models, but adds a code friendly layer on top of them. It allows you to plug in your own content handler implementations (written in Java or Groovy), or reuse an existing handler.

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    A Smooks mediator is also available for Apache Synapse on the
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    That is great. Every ESB should support Smooks ;).
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    Good to see Smooks being used more widely. It's been at the heart of JBossESB since the start of that project over 2 years ago and many of the features of the two projects have evolved hand-in-hand. What's that they say about immitation and flattery ;-) ?
  6. Nice work Maurice! It's great to see quality projects such as this being developed by the community. Cheers, Ross MuleSource