Ripplet 0.8b released, a generic and flexible load test tool


News: Ripplet 0.8b released, a generic and flexible load test tool

  1. List the overview of the tool as follows :
    1. It's released under Apache License 2.0
    2. Software Application Performance & Load Testing Tool
    3. 4 Distributed Java Components : Test Injector Engine, Server/Product Monitor, Test Data Center, Test User Console (Swing GUI)
    4. Test Client is a high extensible, configurable test framework based on Spring IoC
    5. Test User Console provides test plan editor, test project management, user profile handler, test controller, test monitor & reporter, historical test reviewer etc
    6. Data Center provides monitoring facilities and database independent
    7. Server Monitor provides java + unblocking system scripting framework for stats collection
    8. Efficient plug-in development : Spring + XSD/XSLT


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  2. Looks nice.[ Go to top ]

    This looks like a really nice project. Maybe even a successor to jmeter. I've started to futz around with it and posted a few messages in the project forum on sourceforge. Hopefully this picks up some community involvement. I especially like the layout and the server monitors and reporting capabilities. Thanks for all the effort :) Andrew
  3. Re: Looks nice.[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for your interest. Examples is the a good startup point to use console. Test Plan is the core facility for your load test. Use console to go through examples. Try it and have fun :)