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    Tangosol sitings are a bit fewer since the company became part of Oracle. ran a piece in which a Coherence user speaks a bit about event processing for a rare-book site. Oracle has made a push to in-memory architecture and application caching, not to mention Grid. [Or Cloud if you prefer.] Stories like this may show the Web application is growing up. Trying to match book sellers with buyers is becoming an ever more complex task, as more and more variables are juggled. The news of the Oracle Coherence pick by is interesting too, in that Amazon just agreed to buy AbeBooks, and it has got a cloud of its own. One wonders: Did Amazon by Abe for the books? The technology? According to the chief developer:
    While the implementation of Coherence provides improved performance for the customer ordering books through the Web browser interface, the main purpose is improved load balancing.,289142,sid26_gci1325930,00.html

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  2. According to this clipping, vice president of books Russell Grandinetti said in a press release announcing the [ acquisition], "As a leader in rare and hard-to-find books, AbeBooks brings added breadth and expanded selection to our customers worldwide. AbeBooks provides a wide range of services to both sellers and customers, and we look forward to working with them to further grow their business. We're excited to present all of our customers with the widest selection of books available any place on Earth."
    I'd say Amazon bought for the books, that is, to round out Amazon's offerings. I'm also betting that has a high rate of growth, which would make for a good acquisition from a publicly traded company like Amazon in order to boost overall growth to Amazon's revenue and earnings numbers. The technology was part of what made that business successful in the first place, but it wouldn't be the main story in this acquisition. Cheers, David Flux - Java Job Scheduler. File Transfer. Workflow. .
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    Hi Jack - Thanks for linking to the article. There's also a write-up on GridToday / On-Demand Enterprise. I have to admit that as part of Oracle, it has been a challenge to remain as visible in the market as we were as Tangosol. Oracle has an approach to marketing (ever seen the signs at the airport or the ads on the back covers of magazines?) that doesn't quite fit a product like Coherence .. ;-) On the other hand, there are some incredible benefits to being Oracle, including a massive increase in our sales and direct relationships with every stock exchange, bank, institution, major web site, etc. in the entire world. We've continued to make tremendous progress with the product, and the latest Coherence 3.4 pre-release build is now available. (You can read more about what's coming in the 3.4 release on the Coherence 3.4 wiki.) We've added native support for C++ (161,000 new lines of C++ code!) and done a major update on the pure Java and pure C# / .NET clients; now all languages support extreme data sets via streaming, POF (Portable Object Format) interop, dynamic load-balancing, continuous query, etc. Our customers now have applications in production that run with many thousands of concurrent clients, and we support over a million concurrent connections. Our London Coherence user group is held every couple of months (next meeting is 15 October) and draws a few hundred people at each meeting. The inaugural New York Coherence user group is going to be on Thursday, 9 October, and already has over a hundred people registered. Hopefully we'll be able to focus more on getting the word out once we have wrapped up the Coherence 3.4 release, but in the meantime we continue to focus on what we always have done well -- creating great software and taking great care of every one of our customers. Peace, Cameron Purdy Oracle Coherence: Data Grid for Java, .NET and C++
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    He's alive! :)
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    Yeah, it has been hard to judge based on /dev/null :-)
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    Yeah, it has been hard to judge based on /dev/null :-)
    It turns out that all the lazy bloggers found twitter .. ;-) Peace, Cameron Purdy Oracle Coherence: Data Grid for Java, .NET and C++