Alternative to Hibernate for read-only applications


Performance and scalability: Alternative to Hibernate for read-only applications

  1. Hi all. Can anyone suggest an alternative to Hibernate that is optimised for read-only applications? My experience with Hibernate is that, even when objects are configured to be read-only, and are cached, Hibernate spends a (relatively) large amount of time reconstructing object graphs. In other words, each individual type of object is cached separately, and the object graph is reconstructed each time a request is made for an object. So if my object has references to other objects then those references will be constructed at the time of the request. It seems to me that in the case of a read-only application the complete object graph could be cached. Does anyone know of anything? Thanks. Neil.
  2. iBatis may work. We've used it pretty regularly for read-only applications. You might also consider just using straight Spring Framework jdbc templates.