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    We are developing an application from scratch. It involves 4 components: UI, business logic layer (with DAO's etc), WS for external clients and WS for integrating existing applications (currently within firewall). UI along with business logic layer will be deployed as single component and other 2 WS component will be deployed as separate components so that WS and their interface changes does not affect UI and other WS. The real challenge is now to find out communication mechanism between these WS components and business layer as WS will use the services in the business layer. Since it is a synchronous communication i don't think JMS suits for this purpose. Another option is to use RMI or WS or simple HTTP REST. Which one is more efficient w.r.to performance and medium (approx 100KB) of data. I think this is a typical case where ESB should be used but this is not planned now !!! What's your view on this.

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    RMI will be faster than Web Services (http). Thanks, Vinod http://blog.vinodsingh.com/