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    Hi Guys, I have to develop a Java client to consume a JAX-WS web service through HTTPs as there is some SSL certificate involved. This web service client is to be invoked by a standalone batch job that is doing some processing and validation through a java main class. I only have the WSDL for the web service to start with. After reading through some of the articles available online, I am still not sure of how should the web service client to set up. I hope someone can help answer some of my queries: 1. Do I definitely need some kind of web server in order to make a HTTPS call to the web service? I was thinking of setting up a Tomcat 4.1 (v4.1 because our certificate authority only tested on that particular version) to handle the SSL part with AXIS2 to handle the webservice part. 2. If I need to host my web service client on a web server, then how can I invoke it from the java batch job? 3. Is it possible to package the web service client as a jar file in this case so that it can be easily imported into the batch job? Thanks for your time, ZX
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    From WSDL you can create only two types of Web-Service components: server and client. Server component exactly is a web-service (war) you must deploy on your favorite application server. Client component is a standard java application (jar) which you can use like a library in your standalone application to make http calls to server running web-service. All you need is to create ant build.xml with the following tasks: generate-from-wsdl, build-server, build-client, create-server-war, create-client-jar :) Actually I recommend you to look at the demos in ws installation dir. Enjoy!
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    You do not need any web server for web service clients. They can be used in standalone applications as well, simple 'main' method can do the work. See at this post, later part of this post talks about creating client, which might be of your interest- Thanks, Vinod