Hi All, I am trying to start new integration project where I can use SOA arch as by core design and using various technologies to achieve this, but I would like to know what are the design problems that I will be facing to make it successfull project: I am planning to use Webservice for loose coupling. I would like to achieve High Availability- please help how to achieve this with and without ESB. I will make sure that all the services exposed and consumed are coarse grained, and avoud fine grained services. Design invocation program to optimally use service invocation to avoid unnessary network bandwith utilization. I am planning to use every feature mentioned by JSR-208(JBI)/JSR-312 like BPEL engine,Protocal Translation,Business Chreography,Business Composition,Business Rules,Service Routing,SE and BC. Please help me to put your experience to how and what to use and what to avoid and reasons like you have faced in your experience supporting these items. Also I would like to know which or what would be best way to perform Testing for SOA How to create build process to reduce deployment using ant or maven or appfuse. How to overcome performance issues because of SOAP and what would be the alternative way to achieve SOA without webservices might be messaging using JMS and MQ Series-how to achieve sOA here ? if so where will ESB fit. My problem domain: I have many applications build using layered arch(presentation layer,business layer,DAO layer) in 3 tier and 2 tier topology. I have few legacy systems like ERP systems and AS400 systems I have no experience in EAI. I know I am throwing all Technologies but I am bit confused to what to choose when and where. Appreciate your support. I want to build robust integration platform, please advice how can I achieve this step by step.