SAP releases web based IDE for building Grails applications


News: SAP releases web based IDE for building Grails applications

  1. Users have had access to the Composition on Grails project on SDN since 2007 but the most recent release introduces the new web based application development tool called CoGSole. Grails enables users to build web applications very quickly, but there is still the overhead of installing and configuring Grails. Not to mention the tedious command line tools for generating controllers, views, etc. CoGSole provides a web based IDE to build applications (which means only 1 person has to suffer through the install and configure part and the rest get to enjoy the convenience of browser based application development!). Some other CoG features include: removing the deploy step from the development cycle i.e. just Develop->Test, a dynamic widget playground and an enterprise web service code generator. One caveat, you have to be a member of SDN and install the Netweaver Composition Environment to use CoG.

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    Sean, Is this product officially sponsored by SAP? I see this on the SDN Wiki:
    Please note Composition on Grails is available under test and evaluation terms only. It is not a supported SAP product.
    Best, Peter