Hi everyone, If you're in the Boston/Waltham, MA area you might want to check this out. It's free to attend and there will be food! BostonSUG meets next Wednesday 2008-09-24 at the IBM Innovation Center in Waltham, MA! This month we have Billy Newport coming in from Rochester, MN to talk about IBM Websphere eXtreme Scale, formerly known as Object Grid. About WebSphere eXtreme Scale WebSphere eXtreme Scale allows business applications to process massive volumes of transactions with extreme efficiency and linear scalability. WebSphere eXtreme Scale operates as an in-memory data grid that dynamically caches, partitions, replicates, and manages application data and business logic across multiple servers. It provides transactional integrity and transparent failover to ensure high availability, high reliability, and constant response times. WebSphere eXtreme Scale is an essential IBM software technology for conducting extreme transaction processing. Product Features: * In-Memory Management: Includes in-memory management capabilities with the capacity to support terabytes of data spread across thousands of commodity servers. * High availability and fault tolerance: If a primary server fails, a replica is promoted to primary automatically. Multiple replicas can be supported. This can be done asynchronously or synchronously. * Fast application performance: data is stored in memory so applications have extremely fast (millisecond) access to data. * Support for linear scalability: as data volumes grow or transaction volume increases, additional servers can be added to store the additional data and ensure consistent application access to data. * Application Programming Models: Provides several programming models for accessing and storing the data including support of map/reduce and divide & conquer approaches. * Automatic replication of data: replicates data either synchronously or asynchronously to ensure data availability. * Flexible definition of data location: ability to specify “zones” where data should reside, either within a server system, data center, or geography, and have the system manage data placement to those zones. * Dynamic modification to data layout: The schema or data layout can be updated dynamically without affecting existing applications. * Heterogeneous: Can execute in a standalone fashion within any J2EE or J2SE 1.4+ JVM. Provides a common data fabric approach that support heterogeneous server environments. About Billy Newport Billy Newport is a Distinguished Engineer working on WebSphere XD distributed caching technology (ObjectGrid) and on WebSphere high availability. He’s worked at IBM since Sept 2001. Besides his current activities, he helped add advanced APIs like the WorkManager APIs (JSR 236/237) and worked on the staff plugin architecture of WPS. Prior to IBM, he worked as an independant consultant at a variety of companies in investment banking, telcos, publishing, yellow pages over the previous 13 years in over 10 countries. He graduated from the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland with a Bachelors in Applied Computing in 1989. We will have all the food and drinks you have come to expect from BostonSUG meetings as well as a couple of book give-aways sponsored by O’Reilly. Please register for this meeting at http://www.bostonsug.org/meeting-registration/ if you plan to attend. It helps us order the right amount of food. Of course registration and attendance are always free and you can still come to the meeting even if you don’t register. If you can’t attend this meeting but want updates about future BostonSUG events you can sign up for our announcement list. Food arrives at 5:45 and the meeting will begin shortly after 6. All the meeting details are located at http://www.bostonsug.org. The IBM Innovation Center is located at 404 Wyman St. (North Entrance) Waltham, MA 02451. See you on Wednesday the 24th at 6 p.m.! Anthony