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General J2EE: How to know Stateless or stateful?

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    Hi All, In my application from stub on client side i want to know whether the ejb is stateful or stateless. I used getMetaData() frunction from home reference and then was able to know whether bean is stateless or stateful. It works perfectly on Weblogic 10.x. But now i tried to do the same thing on websphere version of my client application and i got always the exception *********************************************************************** java.rmi.MarshalException org.omg.CORBA.MARSHAL: javax.ejb.EJBMeta is not serializable nor externalizable. ********************************************************************** Why the above call to getEjbMetaData() works on weblogic but not on websphere. Double standard?
  2. Rashid, I doubt if I understood your requirement completely, but based on what you have mentioned in your post; here is my 2 penny. I am not sure if as a client you should even need to know whether your target bean is stateful or stateless. It should be transparent to external clients. And if your workflow demands to know this information prior to making call, then I am afraid you should revisit the internal implementation of the bean. Apologies that I am unable to provide you any answer to your question since I have not worked on websphere. Shrini