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    What is JaValid? JaValid is an annotation-based validation framework, which allows you to annotate your Java objects to introduce validation. JaValid can be used in any type of Java application (standalone application, web application etc). The framework currently provides full integration with the Spring Framework, Java Server Faces, Facelets, and any database. The framework can be extended easily, by means of extensions, and allows you to add your own validation constraints in addition to the ones shipping with the framework. The most important things added/changed for the 1.1 release are: * Extensions, you can add your own extension to JaValid now. This allows you to add any type of validation needed (e.g. webservices) * Database extension. This is a new extension and allows you to check constraints in the database (e.g. check if a name already exists) * Added optional JavalidValidationCallbackHandler when calling validateObject(), which allows you to customize validation before/after validation. * Added plural annotations. All existing and new annotations have a plural form now (e.g. @MinLengths (values={@MinLenght(..),@MinLength}) * Added @DateCheck annotation * JSF validator tag now also supports field validation Any feedback on the new release is welcome, enjoy!

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    Passes the sniff test and certainly worth a bookmark. Nice examples too (although the amphersands are screwed up).
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    Thanks! Though I am unsure what ampersands screw up? Maybe it can be fixed.
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    In the code examples, instead of && for boolean and it shows &&
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    FFS amp; amp;
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    :) Thanks, found it in one of the examples, updated one too (as it used a 1.0 config example instead of 1.1).