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    1. My business application server is running on Jboss 4.0.3 SP1 2. We recently developed a metro web services on our own xml server. 3. Now I want to call that web service from my application server. To do this How do I deploy the webservice client stub in JBoss4.0.3?

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    ws-client is not for deploy... use it directly from your application like a common library
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    Thanks for your reply ... It works well, when I put the ws-client and realted jars in my application. But my I do not want to go in that way... Can I call a webservice(regrdless of vendor like metro or cxf) by simply knowing the wsdl?
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    sure you can! it's the main idea that web-service should be accessible by wsdl. all you need is to know the service url to get wsdl from and build a client with your favorite web-service stack (jax-ws, metro, cxf, axis and so on)... actually, i recommend you to read about web-services technology :) just google it!
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    You can call any standard web service without tying with a specific implementation. But remember you need to have classes in your path who can do the object<->xml translation. Recently I wrote about developing JAX-WS web services and deploying them on JBoss, see if this helps you in any way. Thanks, Vinod