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News: Meet-Up For Selenium, soapUI, HTMLUnit, TestMaker

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    Java developers, QA testers, and IT managers are challenged to rapidly build and test Ajax, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA,) and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in a time when schedules are short, budgets are tight, standards are few, and much of this is new technology. I have been pushing for the open source test platforms to come together in a way that delivers inexpensive, immediate value to organizations. Businesses like AMD, Ford, and The Jackson Laboratory are success stories for using open source test software as a more affordable and flexible option to the traditional test vendors. The meet-up is a free half-day Workshop to talk about what can be done with Selenium, soapUI, TestGen4Web, HTMLUnit, TestMaker and other open-source test tools. We will discuss methodology, tools, and techniques. It is ideal for developer, testers, IT managers, and CIOs/CTOs. Detail and registration for the meeting are at -Frank Cohen

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  2. Frank, I'd love to see a webcast or recorded session of this - unfortunately you're not doing one in the Boston area :( Any chance you're planning on offering recordings for those unable to attend? Best Peter
  3. A friend volunteered to video tape the meet-up. I'm not sure how we will post the video yet, but we will figure it out. I'll post something to my blog when it is available. About coming to Boston... I'm always happy to receive an invitation, especially from someone that will sponsor the event. Sponsor = provide a room for 20-40 people and tell your friends. I received an invitation to come to Raleigh, North Carolina from a company wanting to sponsor a meet-up. -Frank
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    hello, We would also really like to see that video. Just got turned onto your site here via one of our dev's. Can you send out a notice of some sort when that might be available? P---
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    PS. we're in Prague, erh, that's Czech Republic Prague, and as much as we'd love to fly you out here, there's no way of convincing our IT director of that one!