We are glad to announce that SVNKit 1.2.0 has been published and available for download at http://svnkit.com/ web site. SVNKit is a pure Java Subversion library. SVNKit provides Java APIs to access and manipulate Subversion working copies and Subversion repositories. You may find more information, documentation and source code examples at http://svnkit.com/ SVNKit 1.2.0 supports virtually all Subversion 1.5.2 features. Also, we make sure that all native Subversion tests pass when ran against SVNKit and that is more than 2000 tests in total. New in version 1.2.0 (since version 1.1.8): + Support of Subversion 1.5.x features, including, but not limited to: + New merge and merge tracking features + Subversion 1.5.2 JavaHL API implementation + Changelists support + Sparse directories support + Lot of new bug fixes and enhancements + Updated Javadoc + Significantly improved SVNKit-based command line client * SVNKit 1.2.0 API is not binary compatible with SVNKit 1.1.8 You're welcome to download and use SVNKit 1.2.0. We'll be glad to provide help and support for the new version in our mailing list or by email (support at svnkit dot com). With best regards, SVNKit developers.