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    I have (Apache + Resin ) enviornment for running my JSP's and servlets

    I am currently working on standalone mode on win98
    We have decided to make a small network and running Apache + Resin +mySQl in remote location and call the apache thru the client terminals.

    when running with resin httpd we type http://localhost:8080/....
     as my resin listens at port 8080.

    when running with apache httpd with Resin servlet runnner we type


    Guys please tell me what do i need to do , for making http request to my host from a dumb terminal.

    http:// ....??????

    I have checked Apache http.conf file and have set 'servername = localhost' .As it has clearly mentioned , we cannot name the server as per our wish. So 'localhost' the default was the only option available.


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    If other dumb terminals are on the network, u can access ur server using http:// computer name> : <port number on which ur server is running> .
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    Have you tried:
    http:// address of server>:<port of service>
    For example:

    I'm not REALLY familiar with Win98 networking, but my guess is that by using the name localhost your machine is trying to connect to (ie, the machine making the request), and not to the server set up to accept requests.

    It's not as pretty as a name, but it should work...

    Does that sound reasonable?