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    Hi , I have a requirement to provide web access to my TN3270 mainframe screens. Basically the existing system is in Mainframe, but customers wanted to access the system through web also with some customizations. I am looking for a open source solution which can be used for this purpose. I need to come up with a solution that will be compatible with WebSphere 6.0/6.1 versions. I have few questions in this regard. 1) Do I need to go for Screen Scraping to achieve this ? 2) Is there any open source solution for this ? 3) What could be other alternatives for this problem ? 4) Shall I use web services for this purpose ? I am new to this kind of problem. I would appriciate if anyone can help me in finding a solution. Thanks, Srinath SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD
  2. 1) The strategy of using screen scraping depends on various factors/scenario. It is simple in its concept, but has its own implementation complexities like session handling, tight coupling with terminal data stream etc. 2) Do not know. 3) other ways could be a) web application talking to the db directly b) web application that integrates with cobol/cics program level. Again, choosing a strategy depends on various factors/scenario. Each has its own adv/dis adv. 4) Yes, exposing the business logic in mainframe as a web service could give your services a wider reach and can be a better approach compared to browser-only web application. But more important is choosing the integration strategy rather than exposing it as web services or as a browser-only web app. you can check out IBM's resource adapters... Kumar kumar at eminenttech dot com J2EE Architect Eminent Technology Solutions (ETS) Software / Portals / Alfresco / Outsourcing / Proteomics