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    AquaFold has released Aqua Data Studio 7.0, a major upgrade to its versatile, multi-platform application which provides complete database administration and query tools for all major databases on Windows, OSX, Linux, Solaris and the Java Platform. Within this single application, database administrators, developers and financial analysts can save time in the design, development and maintenance of multiple enterprise relational databases. Version 7.0 includes a new Entity Relationship Modeler, new Repository Browsers for CVS and Subversion (SVN), enhanced Compare Tools, Database Administration Tools for DB2 for LUW and MySQL, debuggers for DB2 and MS SQL Server. The new version has been fully internationalized and translated into 11 different lanuguages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese. The new release includes ...
    • Entity-Relationship Modeler
    • Debugger Support
      • MS SQL Server Debugger
      • DB2 for LUW Debugger
    • New DBA Tools
      • DB2 for LUW DBA Tools
      • MySQL DBA Tools
    • Charts Toolkit for Grids & Pivot Grids
    • Enhanced Visual Editing
      • Multiple Selection Scripting
      • Quick Filtering and Sorting
      • Table Visual Editor
    • New Database Vendors and Versions
      • Apache Derby
      • DB2 for iSeries
    • International Localization
    • Application-level Enhancements
      • Pivot Grid Enhancements
      • Windows Launcher
      • Logging Enhancements
      • Server Registration Enhancements
    • Smarter SQL, HTML, XML & Text Editors
    • Redesigned Compare Tools
      • Schema Compare
      • Directory Compare
    • Version Control - Repository Browsers
    - + Over 120 new features ... see the detailed list below.
    A complete list of features and descriptions may be found at ... - Aqua Data Studio is available for immediate download at ... -

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    Can it be used to browse AS/400 databases. I got this task assigned long ago, but I keep delaying it. We have an AS/400 from which I need to extract reports. I will use SSRS and probably ODBC, to connect. I wanted to use a linked server connection to a SQL 2005 server, but failed to set it up! Problem is, I dont know what the heck is on the DB, so I need a tool that I can use to browse and investigate the DB so I can figure my SQL queries. I am not an expert of AS/400 obviously, so is the iSeries you claim to support the same thing. On a side note, does anyone know of a tool that can help!
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    It was a long time ago but I did some development for AS400 where we used the JDBC driver to extract data from the datafiles. If you can find the Driver then any java software that supports the JDBC version should work Hope this helps
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    Yes, it'll work with an iSeries or AS/400. You need the jt400 driver, then set it up as a generic datasource in ADS.
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    I have been using Acqua data studio for couple of years, and I got to say I got addicted to it. There could be lot of tools like Toad, oracle sql/plsql developer etc, that might provide same functionality or more, but it is hard to beat Acqua data for day to day development. One thing that I really like about Acqua data is it's support for older versions of databases e.g Oracle 8i. It may take you hours of work and research to connect your Toad, or Oralce/PLSQL developer to 8i, vs Acqua data which doesn't require any extra library or configuration and provides out of the box support for older versions of databases.