Tools (vers. 1) for service-centric system engineering released


News: Tools (vers. 1) for service-centric system engineering released

  1. The SeCSE ( project, co-funded by the European Commission, offers a ‘One Stop Shop” for Service-centric systems engineering. The project provides free and open source instruments enabling the engineering of your service-centric systems. On the shelves of this shop you can find everything you need for the achievement of your goals: tools, methods and techniques supporting the cost-effective development and use of dynamic, customizable, adaptable and dependable services and service-centric applications. You can download our ‘champions’, the tools to specify, discover, design, and manage your services, from our SeCSE Sourceforge site ( for free now (under modified BSD-license). An integrated platform (SeCSE Development Environment) collecting all the tools previously mentioned in a unique solution 100% web based can be tested here:

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    Probably it is a wrong translation from the Italian "campioni", that means both "champions" and "samples". You know, in Italian there is a word for everything :-D And BTW, the 2nd level domain is "": has it anything to do with the "Engineering - Ingegneria Informatica" company?