Context: I need to talk to a SOAP Message based web service using HTTP protocol. Problem: When I send a correct response to the web service, I get a proper SOAP message as response as given below. Request ******** xxxxx xxxx Response: ********* 838cf18d312117939 838cf18d312117939 The problem is that when I send a wrong request; for e.g. a wrong user id or password, I dont get a proper SOAP XML message (having error code and error fault) as response. Instead I get a AxisFault Exception. The strange thing is that when I open the telnet connection (to the port on which the webservice is running) and just paste the SOAP request as string on the command prompt, the web service returns a proper SOAP message. Can it happen that the exception I am getting is due to the fact that I am using some API to communicate to the webservice (in this case Axis)? I ahve tried the same thing using Axis2 APIs but no luck. Any help?